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Keeping Your Occupants Comfortable and Safe

A well-designed, properly installed building automation system is key to helping property managers achieve your number-one priority; ensuring the comfort and safety of facility occupants. Effective, simple-to-use systems mean comfortable, happy occupants, and fewer angry phone calls to you.

Many building automation system providers can ensure occupant comfort and safety. What sets CCO apart is our focus on the bottom line. We design every system with long-term energy efficiency in mind. Energy costs typically account for over 70% of your facility operating costs. We can help you significantly reduce those costs.

You will also see cost reductions in maintenance and operations. This is a particularly significant benefit to property managers who are sick of writing big checks to suppliers who lock you in to relying on them exclusively for parts and services. With a CCO-installed system, you are free to make more-affordable service and parts choices. And because our systems are designed for ease of use, your facility team will be able perform many maintenance activities on their own.

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