Systems Integration

Whether your systems are up-to-date or have been in use for years, integrating them so they work in concert under a common control system can greatly enhance your building automation.

Affordable Systems Integrations

Almost all facilities have "islanded" automation; separate, unconnected systems performing a single aspect of your building automation. That means multiple PCs with different user interfaces. This adds complexity and prevents you from realizing the potential synergy between systems and capitalizing on the full benefits of your installed automation.

CCO can provide the necessary physical devices, drivers, and programming to create an overall integration platform. Your legacy systems can then work together, under a common control system and single, easier-to-use interface. Relying on integration applications and protocols like BACnet, we can bring your existing systems into the future, extending the life of your current assets, simplifying systems control for both you and building occupants, and enabling new features and functionality.

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An Affordable, Phased Approach

We offer a manageable five-year plan to phase out your old system into a new design with our integration process. For more information on our affordable, easy system integrations, fill out the form below or contact us directly by clicking here.
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