Security & Access Controls

As part of your building automation system, consider incorporating security and access controls. While some may view these two systems to be separate and distinct, in fact they can work together to make your building not only more secure, but also more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Security Combined with Comfort

The fundamental purpose of security & access control systems are to allow people to enter only the facilities or areas they are allowed to be in. This includes keeping intruders out, but also enables facility managers to allow occupants to only enter specific facility areas or floors. Whether using cards, fobs, biometrics, or other personal ID devices, you can gain control of movement into and throughout your commercial or industrial facility, school, healthcare campus or other buildings.

Card swipes or data from other ID types also can be used by your building automation system to take programmed action. Lights can be turned on, and temperature and airflow adjusted automatically to the preferences of the area occupants.  Security & access control provides security with the added benefits of occupant comfort and convenience, plus more efficient energy use.

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