Industrial Environmental Controls

The environmental conditions in industrial spaces typically receive less attention than commercial, retail, and professional spaces. But ensuring the safety and comfort of employees in industrial spaces can be just as important to your organization's success.

Solutions for a Variety of Industrial Facilities

Mention "industrial facilities" and the first thought that comes to mind is probably manufacturing or production facilities. The term more broadly covers a range of other types of facilities, including warehouses and distribution centers, processing plants, repair and service shops, and more.

Regardless of the purpose of the facility, it's possible to reduce energy use and improve the environment through the use of appropriate control systems. And given the scale of many industrial facilities, the potential energy cost savings can be significant. Compared to commercial facilities, there are additional considerations when selecting systems and components for an environmental control system. The volume of the spaces is typically larger, temperature variations can be greater, and air quality a greater concern.

Heating plant technician standing by gas pipes and maintaining temperature inside power plant boiler room.

Safety and Comfort 

In commercial facilities, maintaining a comfortable environment is typically the primary goal. In most industrial facilities, comfort is also a key focus. Employees are more focused and productive when they aren't distracted by uncomfortable temperatures. But of equal or greater concern in industrial applications, particularly manufacturing and processing facilities, are safety concerns. 

Gas detection systems, incorporated in your existing HVAC system, can detect potentially harmful -- or even deadly -- gasses. Once detected, your system can be programmed to simply sound an alarm or to adjust air flow to evacuate dangerous gasses and/or increase the flow of fresh, safe air.

Man using Smart industrial control systems dashboard on tablet

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Ensure Product Quality

Another consideration regarding the environment in your industrial facility is product quality. Some products and processes require close temperature and/or humidity control to maintain required quality levels. The presence of dirt or particulates may also need to be controlled. CCO can provide the required sensors to monitor your facility's environment, and to respond appropriately to ensure the required air temperature, humidity, and cleanliness.

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