Energy Management

Wasted energy for heating, cooling, and lighting can be an enormous drain on your profitability. Automated energy management systems, coupled with an energy audit, provide you with tools to enable you to use the minimum amount of energy required to ensure the comfort and productivity of building occupants.

Gain Insights Into Your Energy Usage

Your current energy meters and a monthly utility bill give you only a big-picture view of your energy consumption. They can't provide the granular details you need to discover where energy is being wasted and measure the success of your energy conservation efforts.

CCO can design or select the right meters for your utility and capture the data from those meters to create a dashboard that will give you a clear picture of your energy usage, including insights into energy conservation.  Armed with the data, we can develop energy management strategies that can significantly increase your energy efficiency. That data also enables us to vet the mechanical systems behind our controls. We can often identify which HVAC assets are consuming the most energy, helping you make informed decisions to repair, update, or replace equipment. 

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Save Money While Increasing Comfort

Many utilities assess commercial customers demanding charges and increasing rates during periods of highest demand. Your energy management system can be programmed to reduce or eliminate the added cost of some of those demand charges, thus enhancing energy efficiency. Meters can detect that your total power usage is about to cross the threshold of moving to a higher rate and will automatically respond by shedding loads or adjusting the settings of your systems to reduce power consumption.

Additional energy savings come from intelligent scheduling. Your energy management system can be programmed to automatically control lighting and adjust the temperature based on schedules that reflect your workdays and hours, promoting energy efficiency. The system will ramp temperatures up or down from their energy-saving settings at the right time to ensure a comfortable environment when occupants arrive.

Energy management is essential to minimizing energy costs while ensuring the comfort of building occupants and employees' productivity, emphasizing the importance of energy efficiency.

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