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Building Automation by the Experts

We are building automation experts, and as an ESCO, we understand the intricate details of these systems. But what does that mean, and why is it important to rely on experts like us when designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining your building automation or HVAC system?

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What is Building Automation?

You need to manage various systems in your building to ensure both energy efficiency, and the comfort and productivity of the occupants. Systems that control lighting; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); security and access control can all be integrated within a single control interface, the building automation system.

These systems are complex to manage in industrial and commercial buildings, especially for facility managers dealing with multi-stories properties or campuses that encompass several buildings. With well-designed building automation, all of these systems can automatically adjust based on work schedules, time of day, and the external environment. That ensures the comfort and productivity of occupants, the safety and security of both occupants and your facility, and optimum energy efficiency.

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How Can CCO Help You?

As the leading building automation company in Ohio, CCO, a proud partner with Johnson Controls (JCI), can assist with projects that range from simply ensuring comfortable temperatures in an office space to managing all critical environmental variables - temperature, humidity, and pressure - in process or production facilities.

HVAC and lighting are the top two energy-consuming systems in commercial and industrial spaces. Automation by CCO can help you manage the building’s energy consumption by enabling you to control these systems more effectively, reducing your energy costs. Carefully controlled indoor environments mean more productive employees and more consistent, higher-quality products.

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Replace Your Mechanicals or Update Your Controls?

Facility and operations managers typically know when your systems are outdated. What's harder to determine is the right time to do something about it. When that time comes, you need to decide if you can simply add new features to your existing system, update/upgrade it, or tear it out and start over. It's a critical decision that you'll have to live with for years to come. CCO is ready and eager to help you answer all those questions and make sound decisions on what to do with your aging HVAC, lighting, and access control systems, in collaboration with Honeywell and Tridium.
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Ready to Explore Building Automation for Your Facility? 

Contact CCO today, tell us about the problems you have, or improvements you want to make in your facility systems. We'll respond with concepts for building-automation solutions that will enable you to accomplish your facility-system goals.
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