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Revitalizing Building Automation

Control Concepts Ohio’s Innovation at Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority

Warren, Ohio, United States


At Control Concepts Ohio, we’re dedicated to enhancing the quality and affordability of housing through innovative building automation solutions. In Warren, Ohio, we’ve made a substantial impact at the Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority (TMHA). Our mission aligns seamlessly with TMHA’s commitment to providing top-notch, low-cost housing to those in need. TMHA’s range of services includes various housing programs like public housing, housing choice vouchers, and specialized accommodations for veterans and individuals with special needs.

Project Overview

As an Authorized Dealer, we spearheaded a significant modernization project at TMHA’s central office, a three-story structure, employing the latest in Reliable Controls’ building automation technology. Our team’s expertise in integrating complex mechanical systems was key to the project’s success.

Innovative Solutions for Superior Control

Utilizing the advanced RC-Studio software, we seamlessly integrated various mechanical components, including a 120-ton condensing unit, air-handling units, and heating systems, into a single, efficient building automation system. This integration not only streamlines control but also significantly boosts energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Control Concepts Ohio also implemented the RC-WebView, a cutting-edge, web-based building management tool. This intuitive platform allows facility managers to oversee the system effortlessly, enhancing operational efficiency and response times.

Furthermore, we introduced the RC-RemoteAccess software, ensuring a secure, BACnet-compliant network that simplifies IT operations while safeguarding data communication.

Advanced Equipment for Enhanced Efficiency

In our quest for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we installed the MACH-ProWebSys controller for the air-handling unit. This innovative solution consolidates a building controller, operator workstation, and web server into a single, compact unit, eliminating the need for license renewals or cloud services.

To manage the heating plant, we utilized the MACH-ProCom controller, expanded with MACH-ProPoint modules. This controller strikes a perfect balance between functionality and design, enhancing the building’s operational efficiency.

We also deployed 49 MACH-ProAir controllers and 52 SMART-Sensor EPD devices throughout the facility, ensuring precise control over indoor air quality and space utilization.

Beyond the Original Scope: A Commitment to Excellence

Initially, the project didn’t include a comprehensive air balance. Recognizing the importance of a well-balanced indoor environment, we advocated for a variable air volume retrofit and air balancing. This expansion not only aligns with our commitment to delivering top-tier building automation solutions but also underscores the benefits of native BACnet systems and the backward compatibility of Reliable Controls.


At Control Concepts Ohio, we’re proud to have contributed to TMHA’s mission through our state-of-the-art building automation solutions. The outcome of this project isn’t just a technological triumph; it’s a testament to our dedication to enhancing living spaces and promoting energy efficiency. Our work at TMHA has set a new standard for modern, efficient, and comfortable housing facilities in Warren, Ohio, and beyond.

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