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Innovative Automation Solutions by Control Concepts of Ohio at VITALIA North Olmsted


Control Concepts of Ohio proudly announces the successful integration of advanced building automation solutions at VITALIA North Olmsted, one of the 11 premier age-focused lifestyle communities in Northeast Ohio. VITALIA, renowned for its comprehensive facilities for residents aged 55 and above, includes villa homes, senior apartments, and specialized memory care and assisted living services. The facility boasts a range of amenities including a restaurant, fitness center, library, theater, indoor swimming pool, and a beauty salon, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents.

Project Details

Our team at Control Concepts of Ohio has been instrumental in enhancing the operational efficiency of VITALIA North Olmsted. We installed two MACH-ProCom devices, known for their compact design and robust performance, to manage the facility’s large mechanical equipment. These devices strike an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality, proving indispensable in the efficient running of large-scale facilities.

In managing rooftop and smaller mechanical room equipment, we chose two MACH-Pro2 and three MACH-ProZone devices. The MACH-Pro2 is recognized as the industry’s workhorse, offering rugged and flexible solutions for complex applications. Meanwhile, the MACH-ProZone excels in providing versatile and scalable input and output options with customizable relay configurations.

For the precise control of Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems, we installed 33 MACH-ProAir devices. These units, equipped with onboard damper motors and airflow sensors, negate the need for separate components, streamlining the system for increased efficiency and reliability.

Software and System Integration

Our approach at Control Concepts of Ohio is not just about installing hardware; it’s about creating a cohesive, efficient system. Using RC-Studio software, we developed and deployed a state-of-the-art building automation system for VITALIA North Olmsted. This advanced BACnet Operator Workstation is user-friendly and serves as an all-in-one engineering tool, enabling facility managers to optimize operational efficiency, enhance resident comfort, and achieve sustainability objectives.

Additionally, the RC-RemoteAccess software was implemented to simplify IT management and bolster data communication security. This solution is both cost-effective and scalable, aligning with the growing needs of the VITALIA community.


This project’s success is largely credited to Kevin Taylor, our Senior Project Manager, whose expertise and dedication ensured seamless progress from inception to completion. His leadership and technical acumen were pivotal in achieving the high standards of efficiency and reliability that Control Concepts of Ohio is known for.

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